TAS Turn Around Scholarship

If you are a student at Westmont or Boynton High School and will graduate this year having overcome some major adversity in your life, we want to help you.  We offer scholarships of $1000 and sometimes more in special situations, here's what we can do and what it takes to qualify.

  • Attend a TAS orientation
  • Submit proof of enrollment/units you are taking
  • We reimburse in two installments, once when you enroll at the beginnign of the school year and again about halfway through your year.
  • Stay in touch with your mentor to ensure you are developing the right study habits and staying on course....we're here to mentor, encourage and support you through your ever important first year.
  • In rare situations we may be able to consider a second year or larger amounts
  • Submit your application by March 15th (send us an email and we'll respond with an application)